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The shop is small, with the waffle house on one end and the Halloween store on the other. In the middle, behind level 1 doors, is the kitchen and maintenance area. The kitchen contains the location's steamer trunk and two recipe spawn points. Up the emergency exit in the back is the roof, which contains another recipe spawn point and cooking station on the part over the waffle house.

House Of Freddy


There is a locked door on a shack on the building's roof. Under the door is a note regarding an unmarked quest line which once completed gives access to the Alien blaster rounds at TNT dome #2. The door is unlocked using the rusted key, which is located in a submerged safe in a pond near a ruined house west of Philippi Battlefield Cemetery and southeast of Graninger farm.

The open body of the safe is near the middle of the pond, while the door to the safe can be seen by the rubble of the ruined house at the northwestern edge of the pond. The same safe contains the alien blaster. Under the locked door is a note titled stolen terminal passcode which originally comes from Mike Greene's terminal on the top floor of the apartments in Morgantown.

A Nightmare on Elm Street was produced and released by New Line in 1984. The resulting franchise was New Line's first commercially successful series, leading the company to be nicknamed "The House that Freddy Built".[6] The film was made on a budget of $1.8 million and grossed over $57 million.[12] A year later, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge was released, and grossed $3.3 million in its first three days of release and over $30 million at the US box office. In 1986, the company went public, and held 1,613,000 shares of common stock.[7][13] That year, New Line revamped their distribution network planned to release 12 films a year, aiming at five-to-seven in-house productions, and three to five acquisitions made for the studio.[14]

The studio was also a partner in founding a new distribution company named Picturehouse in 2005. Specializing in independent film, Picturehouse was formed by Bob Berney, who left distributor Newmarket Films, New Line, who folded their Fine Line division into Picturehouse, and HBO Films, a division of HBO and a subsidiary of Time Warner, who was interested in getting into the theatrical film business.

It's "a beautiful Dutch Colonial with a modern twist," according to the listing on The house sits just off of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, a few blocks east of the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel. A Whole Foods is also nearby.

"The iconic house isn't just a place of horror. It's also the location of Bo Burnham: Inside, a solo musical comedy special shot and produced during the height of the pandemic, and a possible Grammy contender."

Last but not least is Lori's house that is supposed to be the 1428 Elm Street house. Obviously not the same house, but they did find a semi-reasonable location (much better than the Halloween 5 crew did for the Myers' house!). I wasn't able to find it in time for my last trip to Vancouver, so the shot below is from Google street view. It is located at 3258 West 36th Avenue.

Its central feature is the house known as the Elm Street House. The house is surrounded by a yard, with a driveway, a sidewalk, a pathway from the sidewalk to the house's front door, and at least one tree.

The house first appears as Nancy Thompson's family house in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, and then as Jesse Walsh's family house in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. It then becomes Freddy Krueger's dream house in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child and Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. It makes an official appearance in Freddy vs. Jason.

The House is first introduced in A Nightmare on Elm Street, as the house of Nancy Thompson's family; her friends also lived in the area too. Following the deaths of most of Nancy's friends, her mother, Marge Thompson, placed bars around the house to ensure that Nancy remained "safe". That subject became the talk of the neighborhood, no doubt. Following the events of the first movie, the Thompsons left Elm Street.

Following the Thompsons' departure from Elm Street, the house was occupied by the Walsh Family; the son of the family, Jesse Walsh, experienced paranormal events relating to Freddy Kruger within the house. He and his friend were lucky enough to find a diary belonging to Nancy inside the house, which explained what he needed to know about Freddy Krueger. Jesse learned that Freddy was initially using him to come into the physical world, in a type of possession manner, so he could kill the children of Elm Street. He was defeated and the Walshs left Elm Street.

Following the Walshs departure from Elm Street, the house became notorious in the neighborhood for its strange activity, leading many to believe it was haunted. Those rumors prevented the house from being occupied, and instead it was left alone for many years, empty and isolated, it stood like a bad cloud over Elm Street.

It served as a stomping ground for Freddy who waits for his victims to dream and would sometimes bring them there; Kristen Parker saw it frequently in her dreams and made a model of it from her dreams. The house in the dreams appears as it would at the time, all boarded up and isolated. Children dressed in white clothes, implied to be some of Freddy's pre-death victims, would usually be seen outside the house playing jump rope and singing the Freddy Krueger jump rope song. (However, in Freddy's Revenge, Angela Walsh jumps rope and sings this song in a dream Jesse has, and she obviously WASN'T one of Freddy's pre-death victims and was very much alive.) Inside the house it's dark and unsettling quiet. Downstairs in the basement is the boiler room where Freddy used to take his young victims and kill them in his former life and usually waits for his next victims to show up down there. It was strongly indicated that the house was occupied by Freddy before the Thompsons moved in, however it's not been confirmed.

Many years later, the house was renovated and was then inhabited by Lori Campbell's family. True to the rumours, she found herself facing Freddy as Nancy and Jesse did several years before. Lori's battle wasn't just with Freddy though, as another foe was amassing with the same motivation as Freddy, to kill the children of Elm Street. Lori stepped back and allowed Jason Voorhees to kill Freddy, finishing Freddy's reign over Elm Street, at least in her mind, for good.

Additional highlights include a window-lined master retreat that comes complete with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, and bath sporting dual vanities and an open shower; and elsewhere is a wine room, and movie theater with LED lighting and its own kitchenette. Outdoors, a wood deck running along the rear of the house offers plenty of room to entertain guests and has steps traversing down to a small grassy patio area.

The owner herself explains that many tour buses and tourists go by her house on the regular, snapping photos along the way. However, the house has not always looked as good as it does now. The owner claims it was a long road to restoring the home since the infamous Nightmare franchise used it in production.

An inspired woman by name of Angie Hill purchased the Nightmare on Elm Street house in 2006 with a vision for restoration. After the famous horror films used the property, a private owner basically destroyed the place. The pool was not kept up, all of the wood and dry wall was cracked or otherwise unacceptable. The paint was chipping. Although the house is located on a really nice street in a really nice LA neighborhood, Hill herself admitted that the property looked the worst on the street when she purchased it.

Hill explained that the entire home needed to be renovated, so that is exactly what she did. She replaced what sounded like most of the house (literally including the walls, ceilings, floor, roof, paint, everything). In fact, the renovations were so extreme that she took the opportunity to draft a new floor plan entirely. She decided to leave the front of the house mostly the same, only freshening up the paint, including a nice new bright red front door.

Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger is the titular main antagonist from the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series and expanded media franchise. Introduced in 1984, he has proven to be one of the most popular and enduring horror film icons of all time. Freddy has been primarily portrayed by American actor Robert Englund, who played Freddy in the initial film as well as its six sequels and the crossover film Freddy vs. Jason. Chason Schirmer played a young Fred Krueger in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare and Jackie Earle Haley in the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. The character also appeared as the host of his own horror anthology series Freddy's Nightmares, but had no real involvement in the actual episodes. In 1988, the character appeared on an episode of D.C. Follies titled "Freddy Krueger's Nightmare: Dan Quayle Elected President". In 1998, Krueger appeared on an episode of The Simpsons titled "Treehouse of Horror IX". A version of the character has also appeared on a sketch on the animated stop-motion program Robot Chicken. Freddy Krueger is personified as a ghostly dream demon who stalks and murders his victims in their nightmares. His trademarks include a dirty, brown hat, a red and green striped sweater and a custom made leather glove with razor blades housed in the finger tips.

Nancy learned that ancient cultures used to combat monsters in their dreams by turning their backs upon them, exorcising their fear and thus robbing them of their power. She decided to set a trap for Krueger one final time. She called her father and told him that she was going after Freddy. Nancy Set her alarm clock asked her father to come to the house in twenty minutes to arrest Freddy after she pulled him out of her dream. Donald didn't truly understand what Freddy actually was now, but agreed to come to the house if only to humor his traumatized daughter. She then set up various booby traps throughout the house then went to sleep. In her dream, she encountered Freddy outside the rose garden in her front yard. She tackled him and awakened while they grappled with one another on the ground. Her plan had worked as Freddy was now in the real world. He chased her throughout the house falling prey to each of her carefully constructed traps. Frustrated, Freddy decided to go after Nancy's mother who had been sleeping upstairs. Nancy chased after him, but she was too late. Freddy, now on fire, had reached Marge Thompson's room and killed her in her bed. Nancy recalled the dream skills she had learned and turned her back as Freddy came up behind her. Frightened, but maintaining her calm, she plainly stated that she was taking back all of the power she had fed into him. Freddy lunged, but without any residual power left, he could no longer maintain himself in the real world. 041b061a72


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