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Luca Richardson
Luca Richardson

The Illustrated Kama Sutra

"A new, gorgeously illustrated edition of the famous Hindu Classic.""Gives us the dazzling artwork from museums and private collections worldwide... has not changed in over 2,000 years.""It is not, in fact, a pornographic work, but a book depicting the art of living for the civilized and refined citizen, finding its expression in the sphere of love, eroticism, and the sensual pleasures of life. . . . Rather than calling the Kama Sutra pornography and hiding it on the highest shelf of their bookcases, Western readers should see it as the expression of a refined, sophisticated people on the art of love."

The Illustrated Kama Sutra

One of the many collections maintained in Special Collections is the Uel Combs collection. Uel Combs, who was an English professor at West Chester University, had spent many years collecting pop-up books, and his collection now resides in the Special Collections of the library. It includes a very diverse selection of pop-up books for children and adults alike, spanning a wide range of topics both fiction and nonfiction. There are pop-up books of fairytales and illustrated poems coupled with books detailing the elaborate interiors of castles and the history of Ancient Rome. 041b061a72


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