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The Eric Andre Show - Season 3

The Eric Andre Show is an American surreal sketch comedy television series which began airing on May 20, 2012. The show premiered on Cartoon Network's night-time programming block Adult Swim and is a parody of late night talk shows. The series is hosted by comedian Eric André and formerly co-hosted by fellow comedian Hannibal Buress[1] and Blannibal (played by James Hazley).[2] All episodes of the show have been directed by Kitao Sakurai and Andrew Barchilon. Gary Anthony Williams served as the announcer in the first season, being replaced by Tom Kane in the second season and Robert Smith from the third season onwards.

The Eric Andre Show - Season 3

André has expressed that each season of the show is shot with a unique style in mind, intended to be thematically cohesive while remaining distinct from other seasons. Season 1 stylistically follows the series pilot which was shot without studio backing on a limited budget, using vintage Ikegami cameras and a darkly lit set built in an abandoned bodega.[12] For all subsequent seasons the show were filmed in high-definition and featured more modern late-night comedy talk show elements, including André's appearance in a formal gray suit. For season 3, André grew out and straightened his hair in imitation of the distinctive hairstyle of comedian Katt Williams and decorated the set with tropical plants, intending to give the season an upbeat feeling to audiences. In stark contrast, season 4 took place in a darkly lit setting reminiscent of the first season, where André wore a tuxedo and professed to have avoided bathing or grooming, and lost weight during production, dubbing this season the "dystopian Eraserhead" season.[13] This season also featured a new house band. Countering season 4, André's season 5 set included a revamping of the set with more vibrant decorations and a green screen behind the curtain where guests come out. André himself shaved all of his body hair except for his eyebrows, wore inexpensive cologne, tanned his skin and gained weight throughout. For season 6, André had his hair slicked back and tied into a ponytail.[citation needed]

Guest stars appear throughout the show, with a number of them being faked with impersonators or random people, including Jerry Seinfeld, Russell Brand, George Clooney, The Hulk, Beyonce, Arnold Schwarzenegger (portrayed by Bruce Vilanch on a mobility scooter), and Jay-Z. From season two onwards, more actual celebrities appeared, including musicians (Tyler, the Creator, Pete Wentz, Devendra Banhart, Killer Mike, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain, George Corpsegrinder Fisher, Demi Lovato, Chance the Rapper, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Flying Lotus, Open Mike Eagle, Dave Koz, Mac DeMarco, 311), actors (Ryan Phillipe, Krysten Ritter, Dolph Lundgren, Jack Black, Aubrey Peeples, Jack McBrayer, James Van Der Beek, Chris Jericho, Seth Rogen, Macaulay Culkin), or 1980s/1990s television stars (Sinbad, Tatyana Ali, Lorenzo Lamas, Jodie Sweetin), although other guests have appeared, including television personality Lauren Conrad, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, animation veteran John Kricfalusi, and porn star Asa Akira. The season 5 episode "Blannibal Quits" marked the final television appearance of the late actress Naya Rivera, who was pronounced dead from accidental drowning at the age of 33 on July 8, 2020.[14][15]

The core writing cast of the show consists of André, the show's directorial team Andrew Barchilon and Kitao Sakurai, and producer, as well as "Kraft Punk" actor, Dan Curry. Series editor Doug Lussenhop joined the writing staff beginning with season two. Additionally, Hannibal Buress was a writer for the first three seasons of the show.

The other writers who contributed to more than one season are Eric Moneypenny and Tommy Blacha (seasons 1 and 2), Jesse Elias and Rory Scovel, who also appeared in the show as "Chef Rory Scovel" (seasons 2 and 4), and Heather Anne Campbell and Pat Regan, who had been working at the show since the first season (seasons 3 and 4).

Another scene planned, but not shot, for season 1 involved André jumping out of a manhole on the street wearing a prison uniform and handcuffs, yelling "I'm free! I'm free!" but André was concerned with "get[ting] shot" and when the show contacted the city, they were warned of "toxic gasses in the sewer that you need special Hazmat suits for."[18] A scene which would have featured Andrew "Dice" Clay performing as Andrew "Nice" Clay, a comedian whose punchlines always espouse positive feminist ideologies, was not filmed due to a scheduling conflict with Clay.[18]

André, who was also known for his role as Mark Reynolds on the ABC sitcom Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 when The Eric Andre Show launched, was warned by ABC network executives not to mention the series on The Eric Andre Show, as they did not want to create an association between the two. According to André, several cast and crew members on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 were not even aware of the existence of Adult Swim when explaining to them The Eric Andre Show.[16] Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 was cancelled in January 2013[24][25] and in April 2013, it was announced that The Eric Andre Show had been renewed for another season, with a few of his former co-stars from the ABC show to make appearances as guests.[26]

With season 2, The Eric Andre Show changed to an HD camera setup, a new set design, and a new announcer, whilst André began wearing a suit. (Indeed, the show was reintroduced as "The NEW Eric Andre Show" for the opening of the season premiere, the HD change being revealed through a blurry picture of the new set becoming clearer just before the episode began.) Because of the difficulties with gaining consent under California's regulations, some of the impromptu and hidden camera sketches had to be re-recorded in New York City. André also admitted to using tactics on real celebrities to make them visibly uncomfortable during the taping without informing them, such as putting "old, rotten clams under their seat before they come out, or heat ducts in their seats so they're just sweltering."[28] The studio space is not airconditioned. André said this was because the studio's airconditioning was too loud to run while filming, but that it had the added effect of making the guests feel uncomfortable, in line with the show's theme.[29]

Guests for season 4 included rapper T.I. "We had T.I. walk off," according to a 2016 interview with André, "but he had just had enough."[27] Rapper Flava Flav's interview ended on a freeze-frame of co-host Hannibal Buress kicking Flav in the face; a move Flav denies happened. Flav posted on Facebook in October, 2016, "People asking about that B.S. Eric Andre show. That kick in the face, NEVER HAPPENED. That's some Bullshit editing done to disparage Flav. Yo Eric Andre - FUCK YOU for that move gee - Flavor Flav".[33][34] Guests intended but not booked for season 4 included Jay Leno and Katt Williams.[27]

On October 22, 2020, Eric confirmed in an interview that Hannibal Buress would leave the series during the season for personal reasons, and he would be replaced with Blannibal, who is played by James Hazley. André found Hazley on Craigslist. After Hazley left, no recurring co-host took his place, but often Felipe Esparza and Lakeith Stanfield acted as co-hosts during interviews for the rest of the season.[42][2] On his exit from the show, Buress said: "It's been a fun ride, but I'm almost 40; it's time to do something else."[43]

Both host Eric André and co-host Hannibal Buress play exaggerated caricatures of themselves, with André being consistently eccentric, dysfunctional, violent and psychotic, whilst Buress serves as a relative straight man to André's antics, despite usually acting as bizarrely as he does. André consistently overacts during interviews, acts aggressively towards his crew members, diverts from the script, continuously exposes himself to everyone around him, and overall sets out to make his guests feel as uncomfortable as possible (all of which is intended acting, a tactic used on celebrity guests to show the distinctions between each of their reactions to the environment of the set).[45] Although just as outlandish, Buress is less of an oddity than André, and usually ends up correcting André's mistakes, shaming him on stage. Since there are only two chairs on the set, Buress ends up giving away his seat when a guest appears, awkwardly standing next to them and attempting to unnerve them from the host's behavior. The announcer has been voiced by three actors: Gary Anthony Williams during season 1, Tom Kane during season 2, and Robert Smith from season 3 onward. Other than the introduction, they typically announce only during one-off game segments on the show.

In season 5, the show's status quo changes significantly, with Hannibal quitting half-way into the second episode and being replaced with a mutant clone named "Blannibal" made from Hannibal's nose-hair. Blannibal himself also quits in the middle of the season, leaving Eric without a recurring co-host.[2]

The house band is also notable for regular participation in the show. The initial house band was on the show from season 1 to season 3, and consisted of Tom Ato as the guitarist, Early McAllister as the saxophonist, Pfelton Sutton as the drummer (who is almost always tackled during the show's opening), Jerry Wheeler as the trombonist, and Adora Dei as the keyboardist. The bassist changed frequently, being portrayed by Karen Elaine in season 1, JV Smith in season 2, and RJ Farrington in season 3. This entire band was replaced at the start of season 4 with a group of elderly men, including Don Peake as the guitarist, Emilio Palame as the keyboardist, Harold Cannon as the singer, Oscar Rospide as the bassist, and Tony Katsaras as the drummer. Semere-Ab Etmet Yohannes has also portrayed Russell Brand in several episodes. John Bueno, Jermaine Fowler, Roy Subida, Pat Regan, Vanessa Burns, Byron Bowers, and Buddy Daniels Friedman have all made recurring appearances as crew members throughout various seasons. In season 5, the band is replaced with an all-Japanese crew with the members being Sumiyo Iwasawa as the maraca and recorder player, Masatoshi Nishimura as a guitarist and vocalist, Jiro Okabe as the bassist, Ryo Okumoto as the keyboardist, Takashi "Chi" Saito as the drummer, and Rayko as the vocalist. 041b061a72


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