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Matching Couple Rings is the most beautiful vow to your beloved

The promise ring is definitely trendy - as a symbol of love and loyalty or as an alternative to the engagement ring. Are you interested in knowing more about the promise ring and when and why it's presented as a gift? Continue reading.

What is a Promise Ring?

Each of these terms refers to the same thing: a promise ring. It is a ring which you make a promise to your beloved - typically that your relationship is more important to you than anything else, and that you will always be faithful. What is special about a promise ring? You can incorporate your very own promise to give it a shape.

What is the difference between the promise ring and an engagement ring?

There are differences between the two rings. The most important difference is the meaning. With an engagement ring you request the hand of your beloved one. You plan to get married. With a promise ring, it's not always the situation (but surely it could be). What you pledge by wearing a promise ring is entirely individual and is an issue between you and your partner.

The appearance of the rings is another important difference. Engagement rings are typically rings that have a single diamond, which is also known as a solitaire. A promise ring can be made of any stone.

Thirdly both rings can be worn in a different way. A wedding ring is worn on the ring finger, whether left or right hand, which you can read more here. A promise ring can be worn anyplace. Some wear it like an engagement ring, while others choose to put it on a different finger. You can pick.

What makes the promise ring so popular?

Promise rings are extremely popular for couples who don't have a desire to get married one day. For those couples, the promise ring is a good alternative to still make a promise to one another - however, in their own way and without it having anything to be related to marriage.

Promise rings are also popular with those who want to get married, but not immediately. While you can be engaged for a lengthy period before getting married, it's typical to get married soon after the engagement. For couples who are not yet ready, the promise ring is the first step toward engagement. The promise ring is a means for couples to pledge being married one day, without feeling any pressure.

Who is a promise band suitable for?

Fortunately, we are all today equal in this regard. Do you want your love to propose to you? Just do it! The same goes for a promise ring. That's why you can find many beautiful promise rings for men at Lucardi.

Do you want to give your partner a promise ring? It's possible. Pick one of our gorgeous set of promise rings to make this day unforgettable for you and your partner.

What should I be looking for when purchasing the promise ring?

Do you would like to surprise your love with an engagement ring? It's a great idea. You can pick any ring. Make sure that your loved one is satisfied with the design and material. So should it be gold, yellow or rose gold? Of course, the right size is important. Don't be concerned if you don't. You're not the only person with this problem. Check out our blog to learn how to determine the proper ring size in a discrete manner.


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