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[S7E12] Be And Be Better Fixed

Vi's pies are about to be sold in grocery stores. They're approved to be foster parents, a role they couldn't be better suited to take on. And Hollywood is on the cusp of being elected to the school board.

[S7E12] Be and Be Better


Barry and Caitlin fessed up to their plan and apologized for their mistake. They thought it would have been better for everyone if they weren't emotional about Cisco moving, especially since Barry believed he would have tried to convince him to stay.

Iris: Kamilla, you know better than anyone that we don't just cover local politics and football scores. We need someone who can handle everything.Kamilla: And I get that. But, I mean, even I couldn't handle everything on day one. So maybe expecting everything from the get-go is asking a bit much.

As for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you couldn't have asked for a better ending to the series, and a better conclusion for Ahsoka's journey from Padawan to rogue former-Jedi. This is not the end of her story, but it is the end of her metaphorical childhood as an idealistic Jedi-in-training. Her eyes are open now and her path is laid out before her. We can't wait to see where she goes next.

Thoughts:After embarrassing himself for half a season, Christopher finally realizes that Lorelai is not over Luke. Any emotionally intelligent person would have noted this immediately, but we're dealing with someone dumb enough to get multiple women pregnant accidentally (and that was pre-TBI), so it took him a few months. Here's a pro-tip: If your relationship is so tenuous that you must make a legal commitment to keep it going, you better prepare for it to all come crashing down eventually.

Everything involving Paris is lovely and I wish the writers would have found some way to include her more in this season. If they wanted to burn Amy and Dan's empire to the ground and create something radically different, they should have told S7 from Paris' point of view. She's clearly the only character anyone enjoys writing for, and I think it's because she gets good lines that aren't just staccato cocaine humor. The scene where she marches up to Lucy in the dining hall and demands a response on Rory's behalf is Paris at her most endearing. Even better, we later learn that she only facilitated the rekindling because part of Operation Finish Line requires drama department connections.

Two Potential Slayers, Rona and Vi, walk alone in the cemetery until Spike knocks Rona out of the way, grabs Vi and leans in for the kill. Buffy and the other Slayers watch and learn from this example and Buffy lectures the girls on how to deal with vampire attacks. Buffy has Spike attack her to continue, but she easily gets the upper hand and pins Spike to the ground, reawakening some of his wounds and some feelings for both of them. In the Summers basement, Buffy reminds the Potentials about the seriousness of death. They believe the First is taking a brief break from them, but it will come back stronger and better than before. While Dawn watches silently from the stairs, Buffy tries to give the girls another pep talk.

First up is Daniel and Kaylee Murphy and Emori, who remind Sheidheda of their usefulness in order to bargain for a better living space. Once their chat is over, the Dark Commander welcomes the Eligius convicts and the Children of Gabriel into the room, with Nikki and Nelson serving as their respective spokespeople.

It was time for judge's final critiques. Carson thought thatKennedy's acting was not Oscar-worthy but Michelle liked her runway look.Carson thought Violet's acting was better and Michelle hated her runway look --which I completely disagree with. The look was definitely Violet Chachki and that was the point. Michelle thought Ginger Minj's characters were great in the video and Carson lovedthe dress. Michelle thought Pearl did great in the video and loved the runwaylook.

Ashton heads to his bunk to talk to his mum, we get a little bit of his backstory. His parents divorced when he was five and it destroyed him. Aw man. But it got better! He has a great relationship with both parents now, whew. Close enough that he bitches about Kate to his mum, honestly. She tells him to keep it calm this evening, but the previews show his blackout alter-ego Smashton making a comeback. 041b061a72


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