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The Best Dd Sahyadri Marathi Serials for Every Genre and Taste

but, is this the end for umesh kamat? in recent times, he has been trying to find ways out of the serial industry. he has made some movies with his production company aanand productions like kamchatka and tivi. he has also tried his luck with films like gulabi aai with his wife anushka shetty. and, hurtur, starring debutante jitendra joshi, is also on his plate. there will be more movies and tv series, to come. kabali suman and tango are some upcoming serials that could be his next venture, where he attempts to make a fresh mark. but, no matter what happens, he will always be remembered for his own charming ways, which seem to be a guarantee of success.

Dd Sahyadri Marathi Serials

do you remember that the first ever marathi movie that we saw was yaadon? what else is there to say? well, yaadon is one of those rare movies that will stay with you. it was about a simple yet profound life lesson; that no one is a stranger. for those, who have been following the marathi movie industry, that was the last movie that rajendra naik wrote and directed. now, he has made a comeback in this industry, through his directorial debut, kabali suman, which is the story of a young couple, who marries with love, although they have a different culture, tradition, language and religion. for all who remember the movie, it is a small yet meaningful movie, that reflects how one can overcome even the toughest challenges in life. produced by aanand productions, this movie will be released on 9th june.

ask any viewer of any age; chances are that he or she is a fan of umesh, who has been seen in tv serials, plays and movies for more than a decade. the first time he grew to prominence was with the very popular serial abhalmaya, and later ya gojirvanya gharat. vaadalvaats soham is still fondly remembered. but asambhav made umesh the heartthrob of the television industry and is still one of the highlights of his career. eka lagnachi teesri goshta was followed along with eka lagnachi dusri goshta. his om in eka lagnachi teesri goshta too created more fans for him.


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