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In A Lonely Place(1950)

Bogart stars as Dixon (Dix) Steele, a troubled, violence-prone screenwriter suspected of murder. Grahame co-stars as Laurel Gray, a lonely neighbor who falls under his spell. Beyond its surface plot of confused identity and tormented love, the story is a mordant comment on Hollywood mores and the pitfalls of celebrity and near-celebrity, similar to two other American films released that same year, Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard and Joseph L. Mankiewicz's All About Eve.[4]

In a Lonely Place(1950)

Set in post-World War II LA, it's the story of Dix Steele, a former fighter pilot who misses the power, exhilaration and freedom of being alone in the sky. He's come West with the vague notion of being a writer, but he merely lives off an allowance from his uncle and freeloads in the apartment of an old Princeton friend who's out of town. Bored and frustrated that his life isn't grand enough, Dix pursues the obsession that does give him the same high as flying - in lonely places like foggy beaches and deserted bus stops, he stalks women and kills them.

In a Lonely Place tells the story of how one young girl was murdered in a lonely place, and how two adults lived in a lonely place. The victim is a young hatcheck girl called Mildred Atkinson (Martha Stewart). She is a young and bubbly girl who gets very enthusiastic about cinema.

You put your right arm around her neck. You get to a lonely place in the road and you begin to squeeze. You're an ex-GI. You know judo. You know how to kill a person without using your hands. You're driving the car and you're strangling her. You don't see her bulging eyes or her protruding tongue. Go ahead, go ahead Brub, squeeze harder. You love her, and she's deceived you. You hate her patronizing attitude. She looks down on you. She's impressed with celebrities. She wants to get rid of you. Squeeze harder. Harder. Squeeze harder. It's wonderful to feel her throat crush under your arm. 041b061a72


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