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Participants were instructed to lie still with their eyes open fixating on a central cross presented on a mirror mounted on the head coil. Whenever possible, in order to increase the signal to noise ratio (SNR) for the anatomical images, at least three (but preferably five) anatomical scans were collected. In addition, at least one resting state scan was attempted. During scanning images were passed through an automated QC program which calculated movement and signal to noise ratio (SNR) in realtime for the scan operator to examine before the subject left the scanner. Poor quality scans were repeated. Thus, in some cases more than five anatomical scans and more than one resting state fMRI scan have been collected to address excessive motion.Note: During resting state fMRI data collection, phase acquisition direction varied for three individuals (3 IDs, 5 files), see below. Additionally, as reflected in MRI data structure, a subset of individuals completed a second scan session (session 2) within 8 days from the first to maximize quality of data collection. The MRI dataset structure indicates when session2 is available.

How To Zip Large Powerpoint Files nikolaus mirror casi


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