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Most Popular Porn Actors [EXCLUSIVE]

Back in the day, household names in the porn industry included Jenna Jameson or Ron Jeremy. But have you ever wondered who are the most searched for porn stars in the world today? Well, Pornhub, one of the most popular sites for adult content, has the answer.

most popular porn actors

Earning great scores in our hottest ebony pornstars awards post and becoming one of the most famous and successful black pornstars in the industry, Moriah has nothing but herself to thank. Extremely talented girl with a strong work ethic and great bonding skills.

It saddens me a great deal. Yet, many years later August Ames is still in the hearts of many men and women, remaining and sometimes climbing back to the top of the most popular, famous pornstars of all time. We love her.

I wonder if at that age you still get to enjoy sex that much, especially if it is your job. I believe that no matter how passionate you are at what you do, things get stale after a while and Lina Ann has been doing porn for almost 25 years or more than half of her life.

According to PornHub stats, she was in the 10th spot a few months ago, which implies that Abella still has places to go and be. A shiny bright porn star that is not fading anytime soon and beating the legend herself (Lisa Ann) in popularity is the ultimate compliment for Abella Danger.

Have you noticed that these popular pornstars are getting younger by the spot? Lena is such a slut that has no shame. Instead of leaving the door open and letting some flies or mosquitos in, Lena receives a much better surprise that does not suck your blood. There is no logic in this scene, and I have no clue how anyone could pull their phone and start filming from an inch away.

Mia Malkova is known as one of the best pornstars of all-time. She has appeared in multiple categories and lists outside RedBled. We love her, and while she is a bit fatter now (reminds me of Jesse Janie, who went from skinny and sexy to chubby), Mia is still among the top most popular pornstars. Admittedly, her rank has decreased by one spot (used to be #3 a few months ago), but this girl still has all the charm in the world.

Starting with the copper medal, we give it to Riley Reid, who was the third most popular pornstar (by search trends and views) in the porn industry. Man, I remember just discovering her and signing up on multiple porn sites to find any anal scenes. There is nothing like watching your new favorite pornstar doing anal for the very first time.

For the porn viewers of the 80s and 90s generation, Stormy Daniels was one of the most famous pornstars we have grown up with, and yet she remains sexually active in front of the camera. Likely one of the best blowjobs giving pornstars I have ever seen.

The most popular pornstar of this year is Lana Rhoades, who is only 26 years old. A bubbly butt with tramp stamp tattoo on the right cheek, tight butthole, and no shame at sucking cock dry post anal sex. This girl is dedicated, after a massive butthole injury that left her unable to do anal, Lana returned to the porn business and took not one but two black dicks simultaneously.

Do you know who are the most famous pornstars in the industry, active or retired? I am sure that you know a couple of them, but there will be numerous performers who made a huge name for themselves and yet you have never heard about them. Also, it just so happens that not every pornstar is famous in the truest sense, some are popular all over the world while some are popular in a particular country. There are also a few whose name barely a hundred people know, and there are those who are renowned for one thing or the other, like their bedroom skills, beauty, intelligence, booty, or earth-sized titties.

Priya Anjali Rai is the only Indian pornstar on this list but she is one of the most famous pornstars of all time without a doubt; and she sure is a breeze of fresh air, huge titties and a big ass! Priya is voluptuous, just a little bit dark-skinned and looks so exotic I feel a need to enlist her help to lead me to the promised land of cum outbursts for the rest of this month! She has a pretty face, black hair, fake tits and a mouth that can suck the iron out of a steel rod!

I might have previously said that other pornstars on this list were the most beautiful of all. I hereby withdraw those statements and nominate Abella Danger as the most beautiful in this most famous pornstars listing. Beautiful hell, this petite babe is so hot that the heat radiating off her could power a neighborhood! She rocks pouty lips, and 34C jugs, plus the kind of bubble butt that hides a small cavern yearning for hardcore anal pounding from huge fucking dicks! This girl is super-dangerous, and big dicks love her so well they made her their patron!

Was there something that Summer Brielle did to massive boners and BBCs in a previous life? Because from what I can see, most of her porn videos show these throbbing telegraph poles getting soaked and slicked down in her throat, before plunging into her snatch for a prolonged jamming session! This lass is one of those tall and busty blondes that look like sluts no matter what they are doing or what they are wearing.

August Ames is tragically not with us anymore, but she was one hell of a girl and had the kind of slut spirit you always wished your girl possessed when things are getting exciting in the bedroom! She was one of the sexiest starlets and most famous pornstars with legs that stretched from North to South and a very impressive set of all-natural 32D cup bangers. Pay her a proper eulogy by whipping out that knobbly cock of yours and cumming hard in her memory!

Jenna Presley was only active for less than 10 years, but within that short time frame she did more than enough to be featured in this most famous pornstars listing. The American starlet is sultry with a capital S, has bedroom eyes that make you wet your pants if you look too closely and could pass for a glamour model. Her assets include the kind of ass you sing praises to, a slim body, beautiful face, and long brown hair, plus holes with a taste for monster rods!

There's always an ebb and flow when it comes to the popularity of the stars in front of the camera, but it's starting to look like a new generation of porn stars is beginning to take charge of the industry - or at least command the attentions of fans and trade publications.

With the industry's annual expo in Las Vegas running from January 20-23, we've once again assembled a list of the most popular porn stars, as we do every year. This time, however, there are a number of newcomers to the list - and some performers who are long-time veterans of these rankings have dropped off.

When she realized she was comfortable with that, she decided to dive all the way into porn. Her popularity soon exploded. In addition to making our list, she also topped the ranking of 2015's most popular stars at porn site GameLink.

Randy Spears (born June 18, 1961), sometimes credited as Greg Ory, is an American retired pornographic actor and director[1] who has appeared in numerous adult feature films. Spears is noted among porn actors for his comedic acting talent.[2]

Who are the richest porn stars in the world? The adult film business is a $15 billion per year industry that has made many people and corporations extremely wealthy. But frequently the actors and actresses do not reap much of the financial success of their work. That is probably why this was the most highly requested "richest list" we've ever had on Celebrity Net Worth. The results were pretty impressive. We knew there was a lot of money to be made in the adult world if you played your cards right, but we had no idea just how much. This list was unique in that for once, the majority of these people are women instead of men. In fact only five out of the twenty people on this list are male. That just goes to show how female dominated the adult industry is today. The actors on this list have a combined net worth of over $115 million! Even people who are not fans of the adult industry will recognize several stars on this list but there are some names and net worths that will surprise just about everyone. So sit back and get ready to find out who are the richest porn stars in the world by clicking the image below:

Jesse Jane is the fourth richest porn star in the world with a net worth $8 million. Aside from starring in over 75 movies, Jesse went on to introduce her very own line of sex toys, dolls, and even a tequila company. Ms. Jane has also appeared in many mainstream movies and television shows like Entourage and hosts her own Playboy TV show Night Calls. Jesse Jane is arguably the most famous porn star in recent years.

Before entering the adult world, Maria Takagi was a Japanese pop star. Now she is the most famous and richest porn actress in Japan. She currently makes $2.6 million a year under contract with a Japanese adult production company and has a net worth of $6 million.

You'd think anyone who has appeared in over 2000 movies would have much more than $5.5 million, but the truth is that male performers just are not as highly compensated as female performers. Ron Jeremy is one of the most famous and prolific stars in the porn world who has made many cross over appearances in television and movies. Many of Ron's acting appearances occurred when porn paid very little, if he was a brand new star he would easily be worth tens of millions of dollars.

Bree Olson is perhaps more famous for being one of Charlie Sheen's goddess girlfriends than for being an adult film star. She has been retired from porn since 2011 but in her career she made over 230 movies and was one of the most popular starlets in the world.

Known for her squeaky voice and upbeat personality, Katie Morgan has been one of the most prolific and successful actresses of the last five years. Outside of porn, Katie has starred in several HBO shows, Entourage, Zack and Miri Make a Porno and now hosts her own radio show. During her career Katie Morgan has earned a net worth of $4.5 million.


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