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5. Lack of connection. In parts of Ohio, affordable housing is hard to come by and workers are faced with transportation barriers. SB 95 contains no measures that address needs, including, but not limited to, housing, public transit, health care, social services, public safety, schools, water and sewer that would accompany any mega project, particularly if erected in a rural area.

6. A shifting of civic costs. The long-term and deep subsidies of SB 95 will drain state and local resources, leaving existing businesses and residents with new costs related to the mega project. No tax breaks or abatements should be given without a comprehensive cost/benefit study that identifies how the new development will impact local need for public services and the share of these costs that will be borne by the mega project.

The problem in the economy now is demand. National unemployment of up to 10% is forecast to linger through most of 2021. People are not buying things and companies are not expanding. Lawmakers need to turn to helping families and communities through this crisis, not consider lavish, speculative tax breaks. Thank you for this opportunity to testify. 041b061a72


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