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GT20 Gyrotrak

GT20 Gyrotrak


The first Airial Robot from AIRIAL ROBOTICS is the Gyrotrak GT20. With an empty weight of only 7.5kg and an incredible maximum take-off weight of 20 kg, GT20 is an impressive and serious cargo and inspection platform – with flight times of up to 2.5 hours with a 4kg task load. GT20 can be equipped with all types of sensors and can be tailored to our customer’s needs. Just get in contact with us and we’ll work out the best solution to meet your requirements.



  • Disruptive hybrid UAV solution between helicopter and gyrocopter, advancing flight time, payload, range and speed over other systems
  • Aviation grade quality
  • Helicopter mode for hovering and slow forward flight any time
  • Gyrocopter mode for fixed wing fast flight and long distance
  • Highest safety due to autorotation landing even with all motors failed
  • Modular system for multiple sensor or payload integrations
  • Different smart flight batteries available for optimal mission configuration
  • VLOS and BVLOS operation
  • RTK
  • Optional FPV camera (available not needed)
  • A new level of safety due to Gyrocopter autorotation principles and multi-level operational redundancy


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