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T-Rock 110m Smart Tethering System for Dji M30 & M300

T-Rock 110m Smart Tethering System for Dji M30 & M300


The ground power supply system is a backpack system. The tether box console is equipped with LED lighting system, red and blue warning lights, and  built-in mosquito repellent lights; The tether box has folding stands, which can avoid contact with the harsh ground environment when it is deployed on  the ground, thus protecting the tether box. The box designed with a integrated backpack, and the box material is made of environment-friendly  materials. The fitting place with the back of the human body conforms to the ergonomic design, which is comfortable and durable, and suitable for long  distance backpacking for individuals/soldiers. While providing portability with high integration, the automatic take-up and pay off function of 110m cable  can ensure the fast deployment and recovery of the tethering system, reduce the impact and bending of the cable, and is an effective device to protect  the cable. Under the condition of stable mains power supply, realize 24-hour ultra long endurance continuous operation (fault free working time is the (military standard

One year extensive warranty

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